Slay your goals, not your spirit.

Success starts with self-care.

“Most planners are really expensive calendars. They don’t help me organize my thoughts and execute on strategy like this does.”

Designed for Women Who Want More

but know achievement ≠ burnout

Side Hustlers
WFH Mommas
Boss Babes

Big Goals
In Harmony
With a Great Life
Is Possible

You have a passion to achieve some bigass goals, but not at the expense of your sanity and sleep.

You’ve tried eleventy-billion planners that were filled with You Go, Girl sentiments but no system that worked for you.

You’ve found yourself on the brink of burnout more than once.

You’ve tried one-size-fits-most and ended up filling in your habit tracker with random ideas or to-do items.


Start your 90 Day Slay whenever you want with the undated 13-week format.

Sleek Design

Your planner shouldn’t trigger an anxiety attack. The weekly planner allows you to separate time and goal-driven tasks, so you can focus on being productive instead of busy.


The goal-setting framework ensures you aren’t neglecting your core on your path to achievement. No burnout required!

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Built-In Accountability

Focus on What Matters
The weekly Looking Ahead exercise ensures you’re focused on the tasks that move to closer to your goal.
Reflect and Improve
The weekly Looking Back section prompts reflection on the previous seven days and provides an opportunity for celebration.
Check Yo'Self
No waiting until the end of 90 days to know if you’re on track to meet your goals. Three check-ins are included at the three, seven, and ten week marks.
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Feel The Love! 😍

Windy nailed it! I have tried many goal setting methods by many coaches. Her method rocks and was one I always came back to. At his planner is now right in front of me, every day, to help me plan and execute. A must have for anyone who struggles to break it all down and eat the elephant a bite at a time.
Penny W. - Dec. 7, 2021
The 90 Day Slay planner is extremely well thought out. The format and layout in the goal-setting section facilitate each step necessary to actually visualize what is needed to achieve your goal(s). The weekly calendar sections are amazing! The planner provides the perfect space to brain dump your thoughts each week, prioritize the tasks, and then plan them specifically throughout the week. The planner colors are perfect for a busy businesswoman ~ they are so soothing and calming! You won't be sorry when you get this planner!
Jalene H. - Dec. 8, 2021
These notepads are stunning. I love that they are feminine yet have personality. I'm so excited to start using them, and sharing part of the bundle as a gift for my daughter who will find them humorous as well.
Maryann S. - Dec. 11, 2021
I love the new planner! Changing the colors and look every 90 days feels like a true fresh start. :) The items included were so cute and such personal touches that makes me feel like Windy is a bigger rockstar than I have been believing she is for a decade or longer!
Teri S. - April 2, 2022
The box is absolutely gorgeous and very well thought out. I'm so glad I subscribed. The customer service is also outstanding, as I made a little oopsy, and Windy was on it and got things right again very quickly.
Penny W. - April 5, 2022
I love this planner! The spring design is so refreshing and bright. I bought multiples because I know this will inspire me and to give to friends! The content is thoughtful - do visit the helpful tips on the website!
Betty L. - May 6, 2022


Friends don’t let friends set outrageous goals and feel overwhelmed by the never-ending To-Do list.