90 Day Slay System Step One: Audit

Video Transcript

The 90 Day Slay takes a completely different approach to setting goals, and it all starts with the audit. That sounds scary when the IRS does it, it’s bad. But when you do it, it’s good. Before we dig in, though, I do want to let you know that there are extra worksheets below this video, if you need them, but.

You can bake your, you can make mistakes in your planner. It’s okay. You can scribble stuff out. I do it all the time. So want to talk about why we start with an audit and really let’s talk about what happens when we don’t do an audit of our lives before we set our goals from my own experience and from the experience that I’ve had with.

The most likely outcome when we’re chasing those like really big, sexy, you know, life-changing goals. The outside world gives us a lot of validation about, okay. They get all excited about those are the goals, like making money more money than you’ve ever made before or quitting your. Uh, DJ your soul sucking day job, right?

Those are those big goals that the world loves. Um, but typically when people are chasing those without doing an audit, first, what happens is that it comes chasing those goals. Comes at the expense of your health, of your piece, of your family, of your friends, right? You’re doing this sort of all or nothing.

And a lot of times that’s how we look at goals as a very, in this very like black and white all or nothing. I’m going to put all my effort in this area and neglect everything else so I can achieve that big goal. And that’s the only thing that matters to me. And truthfully, that’s not all that matters to you.

Right? We know this. We have. We’re human beings with multiple layers and we can care about more than one thing. And especially those big, um, sort of public goals, right? So I want you to understand, and I want you to really embrace this idea that goals are all about improving your life. Okay. We set goals because we want to achieve something that at the end of the day improves our life.

And you’re much better served making those small, sustainable improvements that you can make without abandoning every other aspect of your life. And so that’s why we want to start with an audit because we really want to take a look at. What’s missing. Where are we deficient? Where are we not content?

What areas are we not feeling great about? So we’re going to start with the audit and we’re going to look at the three different layers of your life. Now, this process should take about 30 minutes. Okay. And I really recommend going somewhere. Um, peaceful. I don’t say quiet cause necessarily, uh, quiet.

Isn’t peaceful for everyone, but you want to go somewhere peaceful where you’re going to be alone, where you’re not going to be interrupted and you can be really honest with yourself and your answers. And you can really look at how your contentment level with these different aspects of your existence of your life.

Okay. So we start, of course, as we do everything in the 90 day, slay with your core, because your core supports everything else. Um, if your core is lacking and the core is your, uh, health. The spiritual, your health, physical and mental, your spirituality, or your connection and your financial stability. So if your core is lacking, that’s probably where you’re going to need to focus most of your energy as you’re building your goals for the next 90 days, you know, and really think about it this way.

The core is the foundation and you can’t build a solid house. That’s going to last a long time on a weak foundation. Okay. So what we want to do is we’re going to look at these different areas of our life, and you’re really going to identify how content are you. And if you’re not content you want to ask why you want to be really clear on what’s coming up for you.

What’s letting you know that this is maybe an area where there’s some room for improvement. So the first thing you want to look at is how content are you with your physical and mental health? Okay. If you’re not content, identify why. In my example, I say, I need improvement in my physical and mental health because I’m stressed.

I’m not feeling great in my skin and I’m not sleeping. Great. And I’ve identified that when my house is messy, that makes me feel unsettled, unsettled. So those were some areas where I need improvement in my core. Okay. So you want to look at your mental and physical health. How are you feeling? Next, you really want to look at how content are you with your spirituality or your, uh, your spiritual connection, whatever that means to you.

Okay. If you’re not consent, identify why. And then finally you want to look at how content are you with your financial stability. Now, when I’m talking about financial stability, I’m talking, I’m not talking about wealth. I’m not talking. Like the extras, right? I’m talking about the baseline that you need to cover your needs, um, your expenses and then your emergency fund, right?

You want to make sure that, you know, you always have your fund, your, that you have financial stability before you go after those bigger level goals, because let’s just be honest. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, it’s unrealistic that you’re going to have the bandwidth and the capacity and the energy to make really big shifts and other layers of your life.

So if you’re not content you want to identify with. So once you’re done with, uh, Your core. You want to look at an audit your circle. Okay. So your circle includes all those people that are the closest to you. That’s going to be your partner. If you have one, um, your family and your friends. So you really want to look at how content’s are you with all of those relationships.

And if you’re not content you want to identify why? Um, now I just want to be clear here when I’m talking about family, family means whatever it means to you. Okay. It doesn’t have to mean. Your family of origin. Um, it may be, you know, maybe your family is your best friend or your tightest circle of internet friends.

Um, but it’s important that you have people in your life that you have a circle that’s there to support you, that you have, that you consider as sort of at that family level. Okay. So you want to do an audit of your service. And then finally, we’re going to move on to the outer layer of your existence of who you are.

And that’s where we really look at the community layer. Remember community layer is how we show up in the world. So you want to answer the question of how content’s are you using your gifts and talents? You know, you have gifts and talents that are unique to you. You have special skills and ways of doing things that no one else on this planet has.

So are you using them on a regular basis? Great. How content are you with? How you’re using your gifts and talents. How content’s are you with your career or your sort of scope of influence the people over which you have influence and then how content’s are you with living your mission and working towards your legacy?

And I know this feels heavy and this might feel. Like it’s in the ethers and you’re not really sure what it means. Um, and there is no right or wrong answer. I can tell you part of my legacy, what is important to me that I want to leave as my legacy. Um, it doesn’t mean I’m dead, but part of my legacy is I want to be able to pay for upfront.

I want to have my nieces and my nephew. I want to be able to pay for their college education. That’s important to me, but they don’t have to take out student loans for whatever comes after. So that’s part of my legacy. So that’s always in the background, as I’m looking at sort of my bigger picture goals of the legacy that I leave, that’s at a personal level.

Um, and then living my mission. So how content’s are you with where you are right now, living your mission and working towards your legacy? Okay, dude, you did it, you did it, that’s it, those easy, right? I mean, it’s not easy. I’m not gonna lie. It’s not easy. And it really might. Bubbling some stuff up. Okay.

Taking an audit, doing the audit. You probably are maybe feeling some feeling kind of heavy. Maybe you’re feeling some stuff that you hadn’t thought about in awhile, or maybe you’re pulling up dreams or things that, you know, you haven’t given a lot of attention to. And we brought some meaty stuff up to the surface.

And so if you need to sit with that for a while and you need to process that, that’s okay. I want you to remember that setting goals is not. You take as much time as you need, like don’t take forever, but if you need to sit with this for a day or two, that’s completely okay. Audit is the first step and the next step, super fun.

That’s brainstorming. And I will see you in that video.