90 Day Slay System Step Two: Brainstorm

Video Transcript

Welcome back. I got to tell you, this is my favorite section of the goal setting process, and that is brainstorming. I just love the stuff that comes out of brainstorming. Um, So much good stuff comes out of us when we are just kind of opening our minds to whatever we want, um, and just sort of letting the creativity flow.

And so this is a fun step, I think, but I will say it is a multi-step process. So I’m going to walk you through each step. As a reminder, if you need extra worksheets, they are directly below this video, or maybe they’re above. I’m not really sure where they live, but you can click somewhere and get the extra worksheets.

If you need extra. So this is a multi-step process, so let’s dig into it. Shall we? So the first thing that we’re going to do now that we’ve completed, our audit is we’re going to do a little, but I like to call free style FutureCasting and then when we get done with that, we’re going to go back and sort of make, uh, make that into something we’ll categorize it and organize it.

Um, but first we just want to like, get super creative and let it flow through us. Okay. And just a word of caution. Or not a caution. I don’t really know what this is. You can’t do this wrong. Okay. You can’t brainstorm wrong. You can’t future cast from there are no wrong answers. There are no right answers.

The answers are what you say the answers are. So right now, go ahead and remove any of that pressure from yourself to do this part. Okay, get yourself into sort of a peaceful and hopeful, excited sort of frame of reference. Get that, get that into your space because, uh, you’re gonna future cast what the next year’s outcome is going to be.

And that’s exciting. Okay. All right. So take a deep breath and I want you to go ahead and close your eyes and imagine that it is exactly one year in the future. Okay, your life is so good that you can barely stand yourself, right? It’s like everything you touch turns to gold and you are just filled with gratitude and peace because everything in your life is so darn good.

It’s all just good. Open your eyes and write out exactly what that looks like. What are you doing? Right. What is bringing you all of this peace and contentment? Just write it all out. There are no wrong answers. Go ahead and write it all out. Uh, my example includes lots of family dinners, walking my dog on the beach pool time, you know, falling asleep and staying asleep.

So right now, go ahead and pause this video and do that as your first page. And I’ll just wait here patiently. Go to it. Did you do. I mean, I’ve been sitting here this whole time waiting for you. I hope you did your freestyle. FutureCasting okay. Now let’s get back to work. So in the audit section, you identify.

What things are really like right now, right. You’ve really identified how things are today. And then you did a little freestyle. FutureCasting where you identified what could be. And you really pick some things that out of all the things you could picked, anything, you pick some very specific things, right.

You’ve identified what it is that you ultimately want, which in a lot of ways then is your vision. For your life, that’s the vision for the future. That’s what you’re working towards. So now what we want to do is we want to connect the dots, um, and really translate that vision. Into action that you can take.

So as always, we’re going to start with the core layer because that’s the foundation of everything. And we’re going to talk about your health, physical and mental. We’re going to talk about your spirituality and we’re going to talk about your financial stability. So as you go through your worksheet, the first question that you want to ask is what do I, once in my corner, In one year.

Okay. So now what you’re going to do is you’re going to go back to the freestyle, uh, brainstorming page that you just completed and really identify what you wrote down that’s related to your health. That’s related to your spirituality and that’s related to your financial stability because you just identified best year ever.

Right. Living your best life best year ever. She really want to identify what, what came up for you, um, in your core, what themes do you see? Right. What themes are you seeing, um, that are coming out of all the things that you could have, you know, brainstorming. So in my example, um, I’ve identified some improved physical health, right?

Improved mental health and increased savings as what I want. So those aren’t goals. Okay. There’s no measurement there. It’s just an improvement from where I am now. Right. Audit is where you are now. And then looking back at the brainstorming section, um, the freestyle brainstorming, that’s sort of the themes that I’ve come up with for myself.

So you want to go ahead and do ask, go through that same process for yourself. What do you want for your court in one year? And it can be a couple of different things, right? It could be multiple answers, but I just want to kind of put that on paper next. You want to answer why that matters for you? Okay.

Out of all the things that you could have selected, you chose those things for a reason. It’s a personal reason, but you want to be really clear with yourself. And what that reason is. Why did you choose that next step? And this one, I’m not going to lie to you guys. You know, I keep it real. This one’s hard.

Okay. This one is hard. This is a hard question to answer. Identify the one thing, one thing that would have the greatest impact on your core layer and support your one-year vision. Now here. Kind of, I want to explain why we’re sticking to one thing. Okay. You might be able to come up with a bunch of. Okay.

You might be able to come up with 15 different things that could, would impact you. Right. But you really want to narrow that down to one thing. That’s going to have the greatest impact as opposed to 15 things that would have a little bit of an impact, because what we’re doing here is we’re setting a 90 day.

Okay. We’re not setting a lifetime goal. We’re not setting a one-year goal. We’re setting a 90 day goal and we’re not exploring all the different ways that we can achieve that. We want to be simple and clear. So really identify what’s the one thing, just one, what’s the one thing that would have the greatest impact on getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Okay. Getting you to, you know, answering those questions, answering that question of what do I want for my core in one year what’s one thing is going to have the greatest impact now, in my example. Okay. And I know this is hard, but you want it to be simple and clear. In my example, I identified the one thing that’ll have the greatest impact on improving my mental and physical health is moving my body every day.

And yes, that is a frowny face. Next to it because I was not exactly excited about that. Okay. I’m going to be honest. I, wasn’t excited to come up with the answer of moving my body every day, but that is honestly the one thing that would have the greatest impact want, want, want, okay. You don’t have to like it necessarily, but you have to identify it and stick with me because you’re going to see where we go with this.

But I do want to tell you, just give yourself permission to really take your time identifying the one thing that’s going to have the greatest impact, because this, this becomes part of the goal that you set. Okay. So don’t rush through this. Um, give yourself permission. You have my permission, but give yourself permission to take as much time as you need.

So once you’ve identified the one thing, now you want to be honest with yourself. And be really clear about what you’re not willing to do. Okay. You’re allowed to not do fix. You are allowed. Okay. You already know their stuff you don’t want to do and you ain’t going to do. And that’s okay. But you want to be very clear with yourself on what those things are up front, so you can start identifying what you are willing to do.

So in my example, I have moved my body every day. With a frowny face. And the reason that it’s a frowny face is because when I wrote that down, moving my body every day meant one thing. And one thing only, and that was getting sweaty through exercise. And I don’t want to get sweaty. I don’t like being sweaty.

I’m a big girl. I don’t mind moving my body, but I don’t like to be drenched in sweat. So when I sit down and I say, okay, I know what I want. And I want that I’m not willing to do what gets sweaty. What happens is this now opens up another brainstorming opportunity for me to say, okay, you know, I’m not willing to do that.

What am I willing to do? And this is where the magic happens. Okay. This is where we really start problem solving and saying, okay, this is the one thing that I know would have the greatest impact. So what am I willing to do that falls within that? Okay. So now, as I’m thinking. I’m not willing to get sweaty.

What’s happening is I’m opening up my, on my brain and I’m opening up myself to the idea of what are other ways I can move my body. That won’t get me sweaty. And I’m not even kidding you guys. Yes, I can walk the dog. Okay. But there are other things that I can do. I can get a hobby that’s more active, right?

I can, uh, I can maybe look at taking Pilates or yoga, water aerobics, and then my favorite. My favorite one, because, well, if I’m honest, this is me now old lady class, right? I’m sure there are low impact sort of aerobics or something out there that I could take. That’s not going to require me to be super disgusting, sweaty that I don’t want to be, but yet still helping me move my body.

Okay. So now I’ve identified some things that I’m actually getting excited about, but it only happened. Because I was willing to say, this is what I’m not willing to do. Okay. I was open to the fact that, you know what, I don’t, I’m not happy about this. I’m not willing to do this. What am I willing to do? And now I’m significantly less frowny face than I was in the beginning.

So I want you to go ahead and do this exercise. Okay. It’s not a movement. Just get it. Wait, that sounds dirty. You know what I’m saying? But go ahead and complete this. Do your brainstorming for your core, for your circle and for your community levels. Now, if you find yourself struggling with, uh, the circle and the community levels, or if you had a lot come up with your core level, you can always create extra core goals.

So you can spend, you know, you get three goals in the 90 days. You can have all three of them be core goals. If your foundation really needs a lot of work, um, or if you don’t have community goals, you can certainly do, you know, multiple core and circle, um, but go through and really brainstorm for each of those three levels.

You got this; you’re going to come up with some great stuff. I have no doubts.