Get ready for a year of slaying while saving!

This exclusive Planner Four Pack includes one of each 2021 design, including:

  • The Signature Palm Planner
  • The Live Your Zest Life Spring Planner
  • The Serene Summer Planner
  • The Dreamy Fall Planner

Inside the 90 Day Slay system:

  • The goal-setting framework ensures you aren’t neglecting your core on your path to achievement. No burnout required!

  • Start each week by getting all of the thoughts, ideas, reminders, and other bits of information floating around your brain on paper.

  • The Weekly Looking Ahead exercise ensures you’re focused on the tasks that move you closer to your goal.

  • Your planner shouldn’t trigger an anxiety attack. The weekly planner allows you to separate time and goal-driven tasks, so you can focus on being productive instead of busy.

  • The weekly Looking Back section prompts reflection on the previous seven days and provides an opportunity for celebration.

  • No waiting until the end of 90 days to know if you’re on track to meet your goals. Three check-ins are included at the three, seven, and ten week marks.


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