Slay Your Goals, Not Your Spirit

Accountability + Support for Badass Women with Badass Goals

If you want to:

Slay your goals without slaying your spirit,

Slay productivity without slaying your self-care,

Slay your dreams without slaying your sanity,

we want you!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You set a goal that is just beyond your reach.

  • You are committed and actually excited.

  • You are in the zone.

  • You’re #RockingOnWithYourBadSelf!


  • Something knocks you off course. #IsThisTheNewNormal

  • You get distracted. #OhImATeacherNowToo

  • An hour turns into an afternoon.

  • An afternoon turns into a week.

  • A week turns into a month. #WhatYearIsThisAnyway

  • Your goal has moved completely out of your grasp. #IHadAGoal?

  • So you decide to try again next month/next quarter/next year.

Been there, done that, got the graphic tee!

The Slay Squad Is Your Achievement Secret Weapon


Without accountability, time can become irrelevant. Have you ever decided on Monday that THIS IS THE WEEK that you will complete a project or task, only to declare the same goal the following week? No one was holding you accountable to finish it that week. Heck, no one even knew you intended to complete it that week.

With the Slay Squad, the peer pressure comes through providing written weekly goals and reporting back on your progress.

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Slay Squad

...With Purpose

You can’t reach those big, sexy goals if your Core and Circle layers are faltering. In the Squad, we don’t just hold you accountable for your B-I-G goals, we have weekly check-ins on your Core and Circle layers, too, to ensure you aren’t neglecting Human You in an effort to be Superhero You. The result is a more balanced, holistic approach to achieving all of your goals.

Phyllis Whetsel

I truly appreciate the accountability and the continued growth of the Slay Squad. It helped to instill the belief to achieve more which resulted in an increase in sales and expansion of products offered!

Reta Jayne Pearson

I completed my first book!!! I set the outrageous goal of becoming a published author & I set to work making it happen in the Slay Squad. It’s been that integral to getting the book written.

Is This For Me?

Instead of me convincing you that you need this, I want to ask you three simple questions.

What do you want? 

If you don’t know where you want to go, any road will get you there. If you find that you’re constantly busy, but not really productive {ie, busy on shit that matters}, you may not have a clear goal.

The Slay Squad starts with an in-depth, week-long goal-setting process to help you get clarity on what you can reasonably expect to achieve during the three-month process.

What are you doing now to stay on track? Is it working?

Delayed gratification is the worst. But it’s also what success looks like. It’s the 30 minutes spent today, tomorrow and every day for the next 90 days on a project that won’t be complete until early 2023.

When you’re playing the long game, it’s easy to forget that every step matters. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 

In the Slay Squad, we have dedicated time to check-in on your goal progress so you can adjust as needed.

Where are you getting support?

My husband is my biggest cheerleader, but he has no idea what it’s like to run a small business as a woman. My friends are pretty frickin’ awesome, too. But they are busy with their own lives and kids and jobs and partners and inlaws and… I love them all dearly, but they are not the people I need to show up for business support. 

Who is supporting you? Who is checking in with you to make sure you are on track with your goals? 

In the Slay Squad, you get unconditional support on your goals! Whether you are focused on Core goals, Circle goals, or Community goals, your Squad sisters are there to hold your hand and help you cross the finish line.

Andrea Hoover

The Slay Squad has been the perfect balance of accountability and tough love for me. This incredible community of women who are busy running and growing their own businesses…yet care enough and take the time to support and encourage others traveling down the same road. I look forward to our regular Zoom calls – they are often my favorite hour of the work week!

Kimberly Klein

This accountability group is like no other; it prioritizes self first, normalizing true self care. Within this space, self care is not a buzz word, it is something we are held accountable on and given support to ensure we have the tools we need to succeed. The Slay Squad has been an essential part of my growth and success over the last 12 weeks.

Can You Even?

Can you imagine having a global pandemic close your restaurant or completely shut down the production of your sole product, and finding ways around it? Slay Squad members can, because they have.

Can you imagine having the rug pulled out from under you in your personal life yet still having the best sales month ever? And taking care of your emotional needs while you did it? Slay Squad members can, because they have.

Can you imagine setting and achieving goals that feel good and are aligned with your core? Slay Squad members can, because they have.

Jess Olma

As a recently self-employed person, the Slay Squad has been an integral part of my personal growth and development and has helped me develop new friendships that have challenged and stretched me in ways I never could have imagined. This program has literally changed my life.

Celeste Tripician

I’ve gotten more tasks accomplished with the Slay Squad system. I have been able to focus in on the tasks that are most important and make the most impact. I love how easy it is to reach your goals once you have a system in place!

Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer

I cannot believe the difference the Slay Squad has made in terms of achieving my goals, but also in confidence and mindset. I am finally fulfilling my dream of writing. I am submitting articles that are getting published, as well as other writing projects. I am so excited that my dreams are becoming reality. The program is a game-changer.

Ready to Slay with The Squad?

As a member of the Slay Squad, you will receive:

  • Weekly group calls via Zoom to discuss progress and overcome obstacles,
  • A unique, actionable framework to keep you moving forward through the 14 weeks,
  • A weeklong deep-dive with Windy into the goal-setting framework to ensure you are set up for success,
  • Private Facebook group for support, encouragement, and check-ins between calls,
  • A limited-edition 90 Day Slay Goal Achievement Planner.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are as committed to their goals as you are to yours doubles your odds of success!

Slay Squad FAQs

Who is this for?

The Slay Squad is for women who crave accountability, encouragement, and support on their journey to achieve some epic shit.

How do I join?

Due to the intimate nature of the Slay Squad, membership is offered through an application process. Submit an application here and we will respond within five business days.

How much time does this require?

One hour per week

What if I can't be at all of the meetings?

Accountability requires you to be present and it is expected that all members will make this accountability group a priority. If you believe you will miss more than three of the 13 calls, this may not be the best fit for you.


How big are the groups?

Due to the intimate nature of this program, each Squad is limited to six participants.

How much does this cost?

The investment for the program is $399 and includes a 90 Day Slay goal achievement planner.

What is the refund policy?

This program is completely risk-free! After attending the first call, if you decide this isn't for you, you can receive a full refund. To request a refund, email by 6 pm ET on the day of the first call.

What are the dates of the next Slay Squad?

The Spring Squad will run from April 22 - July 22, 2024. 

The Onboarding Week for new members is April 16-18.

When do the groups meet?

Four squads are open for enrollment:

  • Mondays at 9 a.m. ET
  • Mondays at 11 a.m. ET
  • Mondays at 1 p.m. ET
  • Mondays at 3 p.m. ET