Different on purpose

The 90 Day Slay planner is a goal-achievement planner. It is designed to help you create meaningful goals that can be achieved in 90 days and then focus on the tasks that move you closer to achieving your goal.

It helps you visualize each step needed to move towards your goals.

It bridges the gap between digital calendars and the never-ending To-Do lists scribbled in different notebooks and on the back of envelopes. #NoJudgment

It emphasizes self-care and nourishing your soul to avoid burnout.


Overwhelm and burnout happen when we neglect our core needs and focus our goals on how we show up in the world. By completing an audit of our contentment in key areas of out life before we set goals, we can ensure we are setting the right goals.


Once you have clarity on where you are right now, you can brainstorm where you’d like to be in 90 days. During the brainstorm step, you also identify why that matters to you and what you aren’t willing to do to achieve your goals.


One of the primary reasons people don’t achieve their goals is because they didn’t accurately gauge how much time it would take to do the work needed. You can’t cook a holiday feast in an hour. Before you set your goals, determine your capacity for the next 90 days.


Create goals that can be achieved in the time you have available and are in alignment with your audit. If a goal cannot be achieved within 90 days, consider breaking the goal into different parts and focusing on one section that can be accomplished within 90 days.


Building a roadmap that outlines the weekly steps needed to achieve your goal takes the guesswork out of what needs to be on your daily task list. The emphasis is on productivity and not earning the Busy Badge of Honor.


No one wants to wait a month to discover they are off track to meet their goals! Weekly accountability is built into the system with Looking Ahead and Looking Back sheets.